Community Development

The Department of Development, Compliance and Enforcement Services aims to promote and enhance the quality of life for the residents and businesses of Lynwood while creating an inviting physical environment for visitors. We do this by planning for our future, managing the development process, supporting community development and beautification projects, and protecting the welfare of animals and people by ensuring compliance with traffic safety and the various sections of the Lynwood Municipal Code including the Zoning, Code.

The Development Services Department consists of three divisions:

  • Planning, Building and Safety
  • Housing and Community Development
  • Public Safety

Mission Statement

The mission of the Development Services Department is to promote and enhance the quality of life in Lynwood by protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our residents and business community. This task is accomplished through multi-disciplined teams of professionals and administrative staff, balancing individual customer needs with the public interest. We facilitate well planned neighborhoods, healthy environments, and a strong local business economy, and provide guidance through information and recommendations for the management and direction of our City's future.